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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding time for household chores can often seem like an insurmountable challenge. At Katie’s Cleaning Service Inc., we empathize with the demands of your busy schedule, recognizing that there are moments when the day’s hours simply aren’t enough to check off everything on your to-do list. This is where the expertise of a nearby house cleaning professional becomes invaluable, allowing you the freedom to redirect your attention to weightier matters.

Conveniently located for residents in and around Manassas, VA, Katie’s Cleaning Service Inc. is your trusted partner in maintaining a clean and organized home. Our team understands that the cleanliness of your living space is not just a matter of aesthetics but a crucial element in creating a comfortable and healthy environment. As a locally owned and operated business, we take great pride in serving our community with exceptional home cleaning services.

Our commitment goes beyond the surface; we delve into every nook and cranny to ensure a comprehensive cleaning experience. From the areas you use daily to those difficult-to-clean spots that often get overlooked, we’ve got you covered. We understand that a clean home contributes to a sense of well-being and order, and our team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in every cleaning task.

What sets us apart is not just our attention to detail but also our personalized approach. We recognize that every home is unique, and cleaning requirements can vary. Our services are designed to be flexible, accommodating your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require regular maintenance, a deep cleaning overhaul, or assistance with move-in or move-out cleaning, our team is equipped to handle it all.

At Katie’s Cleaning Service Inc., our mission is to provide more than just a cleaning service; we aim to contribute to the overall harmony of your living space. By letting us take care of the cleaning, you gain the gift of time and the assurance that your home is in capable hands. Experience the convenience of professional house cleaning in Manassas, VA—contact Katie’s Cleaning Service Inc. today for a cleaner, more organized, and stress-free living environment.

Services Offered
Recurring Cleaning ServicesOur Recurring Cleaning Services are designed to bring consistent cleanliness to your home. Whether you choose a weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule, our professional team is committed to maintaining a spotless living space. From thorough dusting to meticulous surface sanitization, we tailor our services to your preferences, ensuring your home remains inviting and impeccably maintained.Recurring Cleaning Services
Deep House CleaningElevate the cleanliness of your living spaces with our Deep House Cleaning service. Going beyond routine maintenance, this comprehensive cleaning addresses stubborn grime and hidden dirt. From detailed bathroom and kitchen sanitation to extensive floor and surface cleaning, our deep cleaning service revitalizes your home, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated. Experience a new standard of cleanliness with our deep cleaning expertise.Deep House Cleaning
Move In/Out CleaningMake your move stress-free with our Move In/Out Cleaning services. Whether settling into a new home or bidding farewell to one, our professional team ensures a thorough and seamless cleaning process. We pay special attention to areas that often require extra care during transitions, leaving your space immaculate and ready for its next chapter. Trust us to handle the cleaning details, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your new beginning.Move In/Out Cleaning
Office CleaningFoster a professional and efficient work environment with our Office Cleaning services. Tailored to meet the unique cleaning needs of a workspace, our team ensures a pristine office setting. From high-touch surface sanitization to creating clutter-free workspaces, our office cleaning services contribute to a positive and efficient work culture. Let your office space reflect the professionalism and cleanliness that define your business with our dedicated office cleaning services.
Moving is already stressful. Move In/Out Cleaning ensures a seamless transition, leaving your new space immaculate and ready for its next chapter. It’s a stress-reliever during a hectic time.
Absolutely! Our team is happy to help declutter and organize your space during the cleaning process.
Moving can be chaotic. The good news is we try our best to accommodate short notice requests for Move In/Out Cleaning services.
We share the concern about safety, especially with pets and kids around. Our cleaning products are carefully chosen to be pet and child-friendly, prioritizing safety and cleanliness.
Absolutely! You can be present if you prefer, but many clients provide access and go about their day while the team works.
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